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Bulu Box Review

Bulu Box is a subscription box that focuses on weight loss products, supplements and other nutrition and health related products.


Gage unboxes and reviews a box we paid for to give you an idea of what you can find in one of the boxes.

See what he thinks!

If you’re ready to subscribe head here: (affiliate link)

BootayBag Review + 10% Off Promo Code

I’m no stranger to underwear on delivery subscriptions. I’ve reviewed a few before and enjoyed their novelty and convenience so when Bootay Bag asked if they could send me a bag I of course said, YES! Bootay Bag is different from other fancy panty subscriptions in that they deliver 2 panties every month.

When you first sign up you pick your size and select between thongs, never thongs or mixed bag! You can also modify your delivery schedule, which I am always a BIG fan of.  You can skip months or select a bimonthly instead.

Click play to see more and the lovely lace and pink numbers they sent me! There is also a promo code for 10% off your first order at the end of the video =)


Cora Tampons Review

(SCROLL TO BOTTOM FOR VIDEO) I have always been fascinated by women’s health (hence the women’s health minor from Michigan).  So when I found out about Cora I immediately reached out to them about doing a video review. Thank you to their team for sending me a Signature Kit to review. Scroll to the bottom of this post for my video review. Within the video I have a promo code for $5 off your first box.



If you’ve watched my other videos you’ve heard me grumble once or twice about commercial tampons and how unregulated the industry is.  We are so concerned about organic, NON-GMO food but then don’t think twice when we buy some large scale tampon brand.


Cora’s tampons are made from organic cotton (which means no fragrances, deodorants, rayon or synthetics) and BPA free applicators. The tampons are hypoallergenic and designed with comfort and absorption in mind.

For the convenience and the safety the price point is worth it:

A 3-month supply x 12 tampons in a box is:

$12 month / monthly

$11 month / every 3 months

$10 month / yearly subscription

You can also choose your absorbency mix, the quantity (6, 12, 18. 24 in a box) and you can adjust your options at any time. Keep in mind the quantity will adjust the prices mentioned above.  Over here at BoxlifestyleNYC I always give customization and adjustment factors 2 HUGE thumbs up.

Aside from the substance of the tampons the presentation is also on point. I have never seen a sleeker looking tampon box, wrappers, clutch (yea, clutch!) or individual tampon holders.  It’s beautiful. If you watched me on snapchat you saw me opening it for the first time when I was taking still shots and know that it was a total surprise to see a box look so put together and sleek.

For more information about Cora (including some great information abou their charitable work) head over to and remember to use your $5 promo code!

Curls and Confidence Box Video Review

(Scroll for video review) Treating my hair right is an important part of my beauty and personal care regimen.  Not only because I have dry, curly, tangly hair but because I LOVE that curly hair.  It very much defines my ‘look’ and is a glimpse into my ethnicity.  On another note, I find myself blessed to have curly hair. It’s not only low maintenance (air dry is the only dry I do) but it’s fun and has personality all on its own. I’d be remiss not to mention that it gives me something to twirl around my fingers when I’m bored, thinking, anxious, excited, etc.

SO, with all that background said, now you know why finding a box like Curls and Confidence was important to me.  Curls need special products, special routines and often times need a wake up call (i.e. the existing products no longer work and they need a change up to spring up and wake up). I know so many curly-hair girls who are always asking each other about new products, tips, tricks, etc. Because as low maintenance as it is, it’s only low maintenance if the products work in your favor.  When someone gives you a pro tip or a new product to try it’s like lab class.  Go in, try the product and see if you have the same results as the curly hair girl you were in awe of.

Here is the video review to give you the full breakdown of what I thought of the box AND the products inside.  I tried each product out on my type 3 / classic curl coils.

I hope you enjoy.  If you are a curly hair gal please leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  Have any other products I need to try? I’d love to hear.

Le Tote Promo Code – Save 50% on Your First Month Subscription at Le Tote

So I hate shopping. I really do. It’s not very lady-like of me. But I do. Between holding the items in one arm and my bag(s) in the other and all the walking and the sweating and the trying things on a million times to the point where I just want to walk out of the dressing room naked. I can’t.

With that said, shopping services like Le Tote are my cup of tea and now they are offering new subscribers 50% off the first month.  That’s 5-0. Like half. Like a sale that you rarely see in clothing stores.

Here are the details:

Offer: Take 50% off your First Month Subscription at Le Tote! Ends 10/2 – Use Coupon Code FALL50AFF to Save!
Expires: Sunday, October 2nd
Promo code: FALL50AFF

Now go and experience a better way to shop!le tote promo code

Beauty Box 5 – Limited Time Boxes on Sale Now!

It’s time for a big box sale in the Beauty Box 5 Shop! They are offering boxes filled with products for as low as $5 with no code necessary. These boxes will only be on the site for a limited time, so now is the time! Remember, you get to select 3 free samples with your order.

Here are a few offers:

For a limited time, get $35 in beauty product samples for only $5 in the Beauty Box 5 Shop

For a limited time, get over $50 in cosmetic and make-up samples for only $8 in the Beauty Box 5 Shop

For a limited time, get over $100 in beauty products for only $10 in the Beauty Box 5 Shop

beauty box 5

One other thing before you go on your shopping spree. Beauty Box 5 is also now selling boxes from past months. So, if you want to restock on boxes you loved OR gift them to someone then now is the time too.

Prospurly Sale Going on Now – 20% Off

September’s box is shipping in just a few days away. If you subscribe today or buy previous boxes, you can get 20% off.

The September box has $80 worth of handmade goods, artisan products, farmers market items and healthy products.


I haven’t released a video yet of a Prospurly box (it’s on my list) but I was 100% impressed with the coffee and activated charcoal face wash in the box I’m going to review.

Head this way for 20% off (affiliate link).


Box of Style Fall 2016 Review, Unboxing and $10 off coupon

If you’ve been checking out my social media posts and updates I’ve been releasing spoilers and photos of me using the items from my Fall 2016 Box of Style. Now is the time, however, to give you my final thoughts via video! As a reminder you can use this promo code BLSBOSF10 for $10 off your first box. Head over here to subscribe.  Word of advice, it sells out super fast.  The first time I tried to sign up, they were sold out and I had to wait a whole season. Fail.

As a reminder there are affiliate links in this post. I also received this box for review purposes. I did pay for the Summer 2016 box so if you would like to compare thoughts/opinions head this way: Summer 2016 Box of Style Review. I am pretty confident, however, that I was not swayed this time. I am just genuinely a fan of this box.

Review time.  Some written commentary is included below the video link!

So here are my thoughts!

  • Donni Charm Oversized Wool Blend Cape-Scarf – $195

I’ve already worn this scarf out to the Hamptons. It was getting chilly at night so this was the perfect way to feel warm and look good! I was out there for a wedding and my packing job was pretty terrible. I forgot to pack a shawl for the waterfront evening wedding. I brought the scarf as the black and white design matched my black jumpsuit perfectly. Thank you Donni Charm and The Zoe Report.

box of style fall 2016

I’m most excited for this to be my new go-to travel outfit. I hate when the flight attendants/pilots jack up the air conditioner on a plane. Sometimes it gets to the point where I can’t do work, sleep or read because I’m so cold! #consultingproblems

The cape is SO incredibly soft and I’m glad to know Donni Charm is a line fully devoted to large, soft scarfs.

box of style fall 2016

  • IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Blush™ Hydrating Gloss Stain – $24

That is a lot going on for one lippie amiright? I did try this and can attest to how smooth and hydrating it is. My favorite part is that it’s not sticky. This mane of curls and sticky glosses don’t really work together. There is great pigmentation but it’s still sheer enough to add to a daytime look.

The gloss has vitamins, anti-aging collagen, butters, oils, peptides and hyaluronic acid. Again, a lot (of good stuff) going on. It’s a best seller for IT Cosmetics and I can see why.

box of style fall 2016

  • The Eye-Catcher Rachel Zoe Tassel Bracelet – $95

Love this! I’ve seen some great ideas already on Instagram of subscribers mixing this with watches, dainty pieces of jewelry and other wrist-loving accessories. I have an affinity towards dainty jewelry and this bracelet has the right mix of daintiness and size to be a statement piece. I also do like that a piece of Rachel Zoe’s collection was included in this box.


box of style fall 2016   box of style fall 2016

  • The Cinch B-Low The Belt Gatsby Wrap Belt – $105

I’m not one to go overboard on accessories, especially belts. SO, this belt pushes me out of my comfort zone and will force me to think about putting more “finishing touches” on my outfits.  Again, head to Instagram because more fashionable ladies are posting their outfit inspos and using this belt as the cincher.

box of style fall 2016

  • IT Cosmetics Brow Power – $24

I like the brush on this Brow Power pencil.  Unfortunately, the pencil tint is a BIT too light for my brows ( I had to go over it with a brow gel to darken them a bit) but I was happy to try the formula and see if it worked with my brows.  Some pencils don’t leave a mark (literally). while I’m filling in it just smudges my brow hairs around but doesn’t fill them in. This brow pencil deposits color in the gaps of my brows as it is intended to do and has a great brush to groom them.

box of style fall 2016

  • Hollywood Fashion Secrets Lint Removing Sheets – $6

It’s not the most exciting thing in the box but at the end of the day I bet this is one of the things I’ll use the most. One pack will go in my carry-on for my travels and another will go in my purse. Not to mention I wear black alllll the time and have a blonde dog who kinda sheds. I could keep Hollywood Fashion Secrets in business for a while with all the cuddling I do with my Teddie girl.

box of style fall 2016

Overall, I’m super pleased with this box.  Just like the Summer 2016 box I’ve already gotten great use of the jewelry and accessories. It hits the mark on variety: versatile clothing item, accessory, jewelry, cosmetics and a must-have emergency kit item. You also reallllyyyy can’t go wrong with the value.  This box was valued at $451 (to be exact) and all other Box of Styles are always more than $300.  For $100 every season/quarter I’ll take it.

Can’t wait for The Zoe Report and Rachel Zoe to send some fashionable lifestyle, clothing and beauty items my way for Winter 2016.

box of style fall 2016

Please leave a comment below or on Box of Style company page here.  You can rate them on quality, curation, service and write in a written review too.  What do you think of this box, past boxes, etc.?

box of style fall 2016

Birchbox Man Promo – Score a Free Travel Hair Duo


birchbox man promo

Use code TRAVELHAIR at checkout to redeem the latest Birchbox Man promo, a FREE travel-size hair duo from V76 by Vaughn.

Birchbox delivers four personalized grooming products, tech and clothing accessories to your door every month.  It’s a great gift your dad, husband, brother, significant other or for yourself 😉

Check out one of Gage’s reviews here.

Looking for other subscription boxes? Visit our Men’s and Women’s directories to find boxes that will save you time from shopping, cooking, getting ready and make life easier.


Supplements delivered – JackedPack Unboxing + Review

From protein powders to amino acids to thermogenics, JackedPack delivers 5-7 supplements to your door every month.  I reviewed the box back in the spring and had a few different thoughts from Gage’s review below.  You can check out that review here.  Or, continue watching to see what Gage thinks. Coupons, more info are below the video (and affiliate links are included in this post).  Gage reviewed the same box that I did so this is only an example of what you could receive each month.

If Gage (or our dog Teddie) convinced you to sign up here are some deals that JackedPack is currently offering. Click here to head to their site.

$5 off – 1 month, monthly sign up    CODE: TRYJP5

$5 off each month – 3 month, monthly sign up    CODE: TRY3MONTHS

$15 off – 6 month subscription   CODE: GETJACKED

25% off – annual subscription  CODE: 25GETJACK  (the annual subscription is $180 value and comes out to around $8 a box)!


Box of Style Spoilers – Full Spoilers for Fall 2016

The other day I posted a few Box of Style spoilers but the FULL spoilers are here.

If you hate spoilers, please entertain yourself with this review + unboxing of the Summer 2016 box to give you an idea of how great this box is.

If you love spoilers, stay a while. As a reminder this post contains affiliate links.  Here they are. You can also snag $10 off your first box here.

box of style spoilers

As a recap to the other post the hero item is:

  • Donni Charm Oversized Wool Blend Cape-Scarf – $197

Really looking forward to trying this out. I’m envisioning a super soft, comfortable cape that can take me from a cold airplane for work travel to dinner with friends.

rachel zoe, box of style, box of style spoilers rachel zoe, box of style, box of style spoilers

  • IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Blush™ Hydrating Gloss Stain – $24

Like I said previously, I’m intrigued by this gloss/stain/blush combo.  Stay tuned for the review to see just how hydrating it is.

rachel zoe, box of style, box of style spoilers rachel zoe, box of style, box of style spoilers

  • The Eye-Catcher Rachel Zoe Tassel Bracelet – $95

I love that this is from the Rachel Zoe Collection.  I can’t wait to try it on to see how big it is. From the picture it looks like a pretty hearty piece of jewelry!

box of style spoilers

  • The Cinch B-Low The Belt Gatsby Wrap Belt – $105

I always look like a fool when I try to do something clever like wrap a belt like this around “trousers.” So, we’ll see how I do once I get it in person!


box of style spoilers

  • IT Cosmetics Brow Power – $24

Can’t wait to see how this shade looks on my dark brows. The brush looks nice? Fun fact, if I were to grow my eyebrows long they would be curly too. I would never do that but still need a good brush to keep them in place.

box of style spoilers

  • Hollywood Fashion Secrets Lint Removing Sheets – $6


box of style spoilers Stay tuned for a full video review in the near future.  What do you think so far of the spoilers?

Rent the Runway Labor Day Weekend Sale

This is sort of a last minute post BUT if you still need to rent something for this weekend definitely check out the Rent the Runway Labor Day Sale, here. Yes- that is an affiliate link because well, that’s the way the world works.

You get 2 free items in addition to the 1 item you rent. So, you’re pretty much set for the 3-day weekend.

rent the runway

Stay tuned for a full video review about The Unlimited service and the traditional rental service.

Here is one more picture to entice you. Get those summer clothes on before it’s time to bundle up (insert sad crying face here).

rent the runway

Also remember that new members can receive 20% their first rental order here and 20% off their first Unlimited order here.

Subscription Box for Men: Gentleman’s Box + Labor Day Sale!

UPDATE: Labor Day Sale is happening now through 9/5! Use code Tie999 for $9.99 ties and/or (and, duh) use code Sock7 to get socks for $7.99. Start stocking up for fall!

subscription box for men

Gage is up at the lake doing manly things and decided to review a Gentleman’s Box he bought a few months back.  Check out the video to get an idea of what you can find in your monthly Gentleman’s box.

subscription box for men

If you’re ready to purchase a box (previous months boxes are still for sale) you can check out the boxes here.

You can also check out their company page on our directory here to leave a review, check out other reviews and any promotions, deals currently running.

Overall, he was happy with the theme, curation and contents of the box.  The sunglasses he’s gotten great use of (and hasn’t lost them yet) and the other things are neat little items he probably wouldn’t have tried out.  Ok, the socks he would have tried out. He isn’t a caveman after all and does wear socks with his shoes.

Here is the breakdown of the box which was valued at $87. The box is $25/month. This box and others from previous months are still available to buy here.

subscription box for men

  • Unsimply Stitched Mixed Striped Socks – $12

subscription box for men

  • Knots Apparel The Shipyard Pocket Square – $30

subscription box for men

  • Woodchuck USA Wooden Collar Stays – $30

subscription box for men

  • Air Force Aviator Sunglasses – $15

subscription box for men

  • Billy Jealousy After Shave Balm

subscription box for men

The link above is a small affiliate link. We are telling you because it’s good karma AND because we’re trying to buy Gage more boxes so his evolution to becoming 100% gentleman can continue. Right now he’s 75% gentleman, 25% caveman.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall Spoilers + $10 off your first box

Rachel Zoe and the editors of The Zoe Report are slowly releasing spoilers for the Fall 2016 Box of Style.

I’ve noticed that people LOVE spoilers. So I’ll start doing more of them! If you are one of those people continue scrolling past the first picture. If you HATE spoilers then well, this post is not for you.  Instead, check out the review I did for the Summer 2016 box, which was lovely, amazing and well worth the price.

rachel zoe, box of style

OK, spoilers.  First one!

  • Donni Charm Oversized Wool Blend Cape-Scarf – $197

You know what’s easier than a ponte / pixie pant in the fall that stretches with every Mexican / Italian meal you have with your girlfriends or S.O? A cape to throw on top of it.  So easy, so chic, so warm, so comfortable. rachel zoe, box of style

rachel zoe, box of style

I forget which video review I mentioned it in but I am a HUGE….huge, huge fan of color-blocking / two tones (and neutrals) so this will probably be worn until it can be worn no more. It’s also going to have the same “wear a million ways” vibe that the Summer Michael Stars Caftan had. Versatility wins me over every time.rachel zoe, box of style

Also, look at that retail value.  This is a $100 box mind you. rachel zoe, box of style

Ok, spoiler #2

  • IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Blush™ Hydrating Gloss Stain – $24

Blush for your lips? Well I aint never heard of no blush for your lips before. But sounds nice! Plus, it’s hydrating, it’s a gloss and it’s a stain for staying-power. That’s a lot of hats for one lippie!

rachel zoe, box of style

What I’m liking about this spoiler is unlike other makeup boxes you can choose your color: Mauve-A-Lous Darling, Wine Berry Flush or Inspiring Red.

rachel zoe, box of style

If you are currently a member head over to your account and make your selection before your first choice runs out.  If you are NOT currently a member you can select it after signing up.  Which you should do pronto because the boxes sell out fast. If this is your first time subscribing click here to get $10 off your first box!

IT Cosmetics I’ve come to discover is sort of a cult-favorite brand so how fun they are including it in this box. Rachel Zoe is always look out for us and making sure we’re on top of our makeup brand game. IT Cosmetics is also cruelty free =)

What color lip are you going to choose? How will you wear the cape/scarf? Let me know in the comments!

Side note: Affiliate links are included in this post because well, I love Box of Style.


Clean Eating with Love with Food – 50% Promotion Ends this Thursday!

I’ve reviewed Love with Food before and included it in the directory because it’s a great way for business travelers (like myself), busy moms (not like myself) and others who find themselves consistently on the go, to stay on track with clean eating.

Love with Food is changing their promotion from 40% off Deluxe and 50% off the Gluten Free boxes to 25% off both starting Thursday 9/1/16.  SO, if you are interested in getting a box for the house or the office (they have office plans too) then now’s the chance the folks.

clean eating

Portion controlled, low calorie, low sugar snacks are small in enough to throw in your bag and keep until the hanger kicks in.  If you have a fear of hanger or the lesser twin – hunger, grab this deal now.

clean eating

Another bonus is that Love with Food donates meals to food banks for every member that joins (and every month thereafter) and for every purchase made. Keeping track of your waistline and doing some good in the world. Win-win.



New Julep Beauty Subscriptions Gift Set

If you’ve seen my video reviews of Julep Maven you know I am a huge fan of the fact that I can stock up on 5-free / chemical-free nail polish.  I take them to the nail salon because no salon in my area carries safe nail polish. If you missed that review head over here or keep reading for details of a HUGE, huge, huge, huge offer with new julep beauty subscriptions.

Gift Set Valued at $150 with New Julep Beauty Subscriptions

Now when you sign up you get a FREE 8 piece Beauty Set filled with $150 worth of bestselling beauty and polish.

julep beauty subscriptions

To get this $150 beauty gift for FREE, join Julep Beauty Box and add the FREE 8 piece Beauty Set to your cart and use code COLOR8 at checkout.

This offer goes through 10/31.

If that deal doesn’t entice you or if you’re looking for a nail-polish-only gift set then you could also check out this other deal (see picture below) of their Coveted 12 Piece Mini Nail Polish Set.  Jump on this deal though, it ends on 8/31 (only a few days away)!

Julep Beauty Subscriptions

After you join Julep, you’ll get a box of gorgeous and good-for-you beauty, nail, or skincare products delivered to your door every month. Julep offers the only full-size and fully-customizable beauty box out there, so you get what you want every month!

julep beauty subscriptions Sidenote: This post contains affiliate links because like I said, I’m trying to build my arsenal of chemical-free polish! A girl has to keep her fingers and toes nice after all 😉

julep beauty subscriptions

Adore Me Sale Ends This Sunday!

Adore Me’s new subscriber promo is normally $24.95 BUT this weekend they are offering their VIP membership for $19.95.  It doesn’t happen to often so take advantage of this Adore Me sale and get some new lingerie. Click here if you don’t even want to read the rest and you just want to buy some red flaming sleepwear, lingerie or panties.

Adore Me Sale
Adore Me is offering VIP memberships for $19.95
How does the VIP membership work?

Well it’s effectively there subscription into Adore Me. Here is what you’ll get:

  • Your first set at a reduced price. Sets are normally $49.95 and the reduction is normally $24.95 but this time it’s $19.95 – They must know I LOVE a good deal. In fact, I’d probably tell my husband how good of a deal I got while I was ‘modeling’ it. No shame.
  • $10 off any set – Lingerie addiction here I come…
  • VIP only sales such as BOGO – Sales a make her dance…
  • 6th set free – A punch card for lingerie? Move over nail salon card…
  • Free shipping & exchanges – I expect no less these days, honestly.

The boutique opens up at the beginning of the month with new styles.  You can choose to skip a month (thank you jesus) or select your style. From there the cost is $39.95 / monthly (unless you skip) which is still a steal compared to other sites.

Head over to the link to take advantage of the Adore Me sale: Adore ME (don’t hate it’s a referral link cause a girl wants free bras too).



FabFitFun Summer Box 2016

FabFitFun started releasing their spoilers for the Fall 2016 box. So while I’m a bit late in posting this I figured, what better way to help people decide if they wanted to subscribe with a review of the Summer box + spoilers.  Plus, I wanted to review it from ‘summery’ type place and haven’t been able to get up to Lake George (my favorite summer spot) until August. yada yada yada, what’s in the box?

In the video I’ll explain each item. Not a ton more to say beyond that. BUT I did forget to include the FabFitFun Everyday Beach Waves Spray.  It was in the boat and I totally forgot to add it back into the box. Dang it. Here is some more info on it….

  • FabFitFun Everyday Beach Waves – $18

I mentioned in another review that I was still trying to figure out how Beach Waves works with curly hair, particular my curly hair. So stay tuned for that. BUT I did enjoy using this after dipping in the lake. It gave my pony some hold and kept it from looking gross. I’m intrigued that it has Meadowfoam seed oil. The oil, I am pleasantly surprised to learn, increases shine, reduces frizz and moisturizes.

  • Betchsicles Ice Pop Molds – $19

So yes, I am all about finding boxes that save you time, make life easier and most importantly provide practical and functional value to your everyday life. Do you need ice pop molds shaped like champagne? Of course not. But would it put a smile on your face after a long day of work as your sitting poolside or roofside somewhere? Hell yes.  FabfitFun’s box is not about figuring out where your next meal delivery is coming from. It’s giving you things that are both practical (see moisturizer and scrub below) and FUN (see Betchsicles Ice Pop Molds).  So this I can get behind.  I would have never in a million years bought this but now I’ll have something to pour my amazing sangria into.

  • Summer & Rose Yoga Towel – $36

Sure, I’ll take an absorbent towel that doubles as a beach/lake/workout/yoga towel.  I can never have to many.  That’s all I have to say about this item.

  • Stemulation Daily Micro Derm Scrub – $34

Firstly, I can appreciate the volume of scrub in this tub.  Secondly, I am so obsessed with scrubs, so yes I did love finding this.  See the video for more.  Smells like a spa.

  • Passport to Beauty Gypset Luminous Lips – $18

Not a big fan of lip glosses but this was super hydrating, a bit too sticky for my liking and maybe a tad bit too light for my summer skin.  But I know there are a ton of girls who obsess over glosses, especially nude glosses, so I have no doubt this made someone super happy.

  • Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream – $48

The cost of the box is $49.99 so to see this included was a nice treat.  I’ve been using this consistently since I opened the box. It is light, smells great (not too strong) and provides a really shear layer of protection for my face. I throw it on before primer and/or before my sunscreen. My skin feels smooth, hydrated and has no funny red reactions to it. So, its’ a win in my book.

  • Trina Turk Canvas Tote – $55

Again with the high retail value items! Not sure I’d pay $55 for a canvas tote IRL but I DO LOVE a canvas tote in the summer.  I use them every weekend whether its heading to the beach, the lake or for a weekend getaway.  One more to add to my collection and this girl is happy. Plus, great color.

So the total retail value of the box was $228. Can’t go wrong with getting fun items for $49.99 every quarter.

If you are ready to subscribe head over to this link to pull the trigger

Make sure to check out FabFitFun’s social media to see the new Fall spoilers. Anything pique your interest so far? What was your favorite item from the summer box? Let me know!

Side note: The link above is a referral link. As I’ve said in the past I don’t review boxes I don’t like. Sometimes I do just to have a good balance of bad and good reviews.  I tell it like it is and pay for FabFitFun boxes, so I’m not pursuaded to ‘keep it nice.’ With that said, what would be nice is to keep doing these reviews; the referral link could help me do that.  You get $10 off your first box and I in turn get a discount on my next box.  Win win.

Enjoy what is left of summer guys!

Summer Box of Style by Rachel Zoe and The Zoe Report

I was so very pleasantly surprised by the Rachel Zoe / Zoe Report Box of Style.  I’m not a fashionista, I’m kind of basic in my style but Rachel Zoe and her tips, tricks and advice are doable, transferrable and relatable for a woman like me.  Side note: She won me over when her “wear to work” advice actually fit with corporate America / desk jobs.  I hate when I read magazines and they say “mix bright florals and stripes to give your work outfit a pop. What?! Have you ever sat inside a conservative work place? But I digress.

Anyway, given Rachel Zoe won me over I decided to give her Box of Style a go to.  It’s a quarterly subscription for $100. You can watch the review to see exactly what I think of the box right here. Below is some more thoughts, a breakdown and prices and a listing of the items.

If you are ready to go for it click on this link to get $10 off your first Box of Style.

  • The HERO ITEM (each box has one Hero Item that is the show-stopper, higher priced item) this Summer it was Luv AJ Pavé Tusk Lariat & Open Crescent Ring Exclusive Set, Retail Value: $190

I normally don’t buy myself expensive jewelry so to get this set in the box was SUCH a treat. Box of Style > my husband. Just kidding. Kind of. Not really. But serious, just kidding.

  • Michael Stars Pastel Gardens Cover Up, Retail Value: $58

Again, not something I would normally buy for myself. A long cover-up? I didn’t think it was possible! But this works and I feel sort of JLo in it.  My inner Hispanic-anista is rejoicing.

  • YHF Los Angeles Cashton Brown Sunglasses, Retail Value: $40

    I’m a Ray-ban or bust kind of girl but these glasses were a classic-cool I just couldn’t take off. I wear them a ton. I’m also happy I discovered a brand of sunglasses that retail for a nice price tag.

  • OUAI Haircare Wave Spray, Retail Value: $12

    OUAI is Jet Atkins’ new hair care line. She’s a celebrity stylist who knows what she is talking about. I’m looking forward to their curly hair line.  I’m still experimenting with wave spray and my curls but I can tell you this is great for straight / wavy girls after a dip in a pool, ocean or lake.

  • DreamDry The Dream Turban, Retail Value: $30
    I know I need to practice better haircare practices that are not actual products (satin pillowcase, better towel, wide tooth comb) and here Rachel Zoe gave me a reason to start. This turban reduces frizz and is super absorbent what more could a curly-haired girl ask for?
  • Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Brightening Moisturizer, Retail Value: $38
    Juice Beauty holds a special place in my heart because it was the first brand I discovered after deciding to go vegan/organic with my skincare.  I’ve tried other products from their Green Apple Brightening line and have been pleasantly surprised with its brightening affect.  They also have a Stem Cellular anti-wrinkle line, Blemish Clearing oil control line, Daily Essentials and Spa Collection line.

One more side note. I had a referral link above because if there is one thing I like it’s getting stuff that I LOVE at a discount (or free).  If I didn’t give two (#$%^&) about this box I wouldn’t review it and wouldn’t include on my directory. Like the 100s of other silly boxes out there. Or if I didn’t like it and still reviewed it anyway, I’d tell you. So hopefully that referral link doesn’t make you think I reviewed it for some free boxes. Because that’s not the case. Homie just likes a discount on future purchases.

Brand Spotlight – trèStiQue – Crayons for the busy woman

In one of my Birchbox’s (see video review here) I received a trèStiQue shadow crayon in Aspen Pine.  I was intrigued by the “crayon” concept and tested out a few more products.  In this vlog, I am wearing the eye shadow crayon, the face stick in Tulum Nude and the blush stick in St. Barths’ Pink.

The sticks are perfect on the go application because of its 2-in-1 design.  Using one hand you can apply the product using the top crayon, then flip it over and use the applicator (sometimes even two included in the stick) to apply and blend.  It’s a no mess, light, compact way to put your makeup on whether it’s on the go or at home when you’re in a rush.

Here are the pros and cons of the each stick in the vlog:

Face Stick – These sticks are cream-gel tinted moisturizers (in the video I called it a foundation, oops).  I liked how light the application was.  I am NOT a big fan of caking product on my face so the crayon allowed me to ease into the coverage.  In both the spring and especially towards the end of summer I increasingly needed to use another moisturizer as a base layer.  Unlike liquid tinted moisturizers this was not a one-stop shop for moisture and coverage. BUT, still a seamless way to add a bit of coverage without going full foundation on your face.

Blush Stick – Check out their website here and look at those colors! The color payoff from the blush stick (and the shadow crayon) were tremendous!  Given I like to keep it light just one swipe each way was good enough for me. The blush was super creamy and moisturizing which made my dry cheeks feel niiiiice.

Shadow Crayon – Again, huge color payoff and the color was just gorgeous! It was creamy enough to even blend with my finger.  The crayon was small enough to fit in my crease but also big enough to apply across my lid, so super versatile.

Overall the creaminess and color payoff really impressed me (and the magnetic closure of the lids, NEAT)! I think for 2.o the applicators/brushes on the other side could be on a TAD bit softer.

trèStiQue also has the following packages that you can customize (customize?!): The Essential 8, The Mini Essentials and the Mini tools (hi business traveler).  Sure their regular bundles like the Face, Eye and Contour Essentials is nice but a bundle that you can create is pretty phenomal.  The Mini Essentials is even more customizable.

Then some icing on the cake: they do not test on animals (!) and they use coconut oil (whenever possible) in their sticks….and if you know me, you know two things I love are animals and coconut oil!

trèStiQue is sold on their website, on and in the Birchbox Soho store.  Head to Birchbox and check out their lineup!

Have you tried the crayons? Have you experienced the 5-minute routine? Let me know in the comments!




Bestowed Unboxing from 36,000 feet | Healthy Snacking

I was up in the air and thought it would be a good idea to show you how great Bestowed is for travel, running errands and healthy snacking in general. The box of goodies are great grab and go options and keep you from making bad food decisions on the go. See each of the snacks here:

Keep in mind there is a free trial offer for Bestowed.  If you sign up for 1 month you get your first box for $10, if you sign up for a 3,6 or 9-month month plan you get a free box too, follow this link to get your free box.

To learn more about this box you can head to their company profile here: Bestowed

…and if you need something for the bros in your life you can also check out our Men’s directory here: Man stuff

Do you have a subscription box you want to see reviewed before you buy it? I’ll be happy to review it and help you out just leave a comment below.

Side note: that link to the free trial offer is an affiliate link because I like healthy snacking too 😉

FabFitFun Spring Box Unboxing and Review

I like FabFitFun because it’s a little surprise delivered to your door every quarter. The things inside the BIG box are not only fun but things you can actually use but probably never get around to buying.  See what some of my favorite products are here:

To learn more about this box you can head to their company profile here: FabFitFun

OR if you are ready to subscribe you can head over here: Subscribe to FabFitFun

Given I am a law abiding citizen I should tell you that the second link is a referral link which means the more people I send to FabFitFun the more goodies I get. If I didn’t like the box I wouldn’t refer people because the credit is only good on their site. So, that negates the thought that I might be pushing something I don’t like, right?

…and if you need something for the bros in your life you can also check out our Men’s directory here: Man stuff

Do you have a subscription box you want to see reviewed before you buy it? I’ll be happy to review it and help you out just leave a comment below.







New Beauty Test Tube Review

In this video I review the New Beauty Test Tube. Despite the once size fits all samples, I have found some real gems in these tubes like Farm to Skin Face Mist and in this box, Wilma Schumann collagen mask.

With each subscription you get digital access to New Beauty magazine so you can follow along and find great products along with the editors.

To find more subscription boxes for women head here: Subscription Boxes for Women

…and don’t forget the guys: Subscription Boxes for Men

Rent the Runway Unlimited $30 off Your First Order

Rent the Runway saves you from running one more errand before that big event, wedding, work conference or girls weekend trip.  With their Unlimited service you get a rotating closet of dresses, tops, accessories and more for one monthly price.

Do yourself a favor and stop that mad dash the day before your plane takes off and let the folks at RTR deliver some nice threads to your door.

Enjoy this $30 offer by clicking here Rent Clothing.

You can choose the clothes from your bed, while your drinking wine and catching up on whatever TV show makes you happy.  Shipping and dry cleaning are free and the clothes are insured. It’s a no brainer.

Rent clothing, rent the runway
Rent clothing for work, events and nightlife

To find more subscription boxes for women head here: Subscription Boxes for Women

…and don’t forget the guys: Subscription Boxes for Men

Note: the link to RTR is an affiliate link but hopefully that doesn’t come as too much of a surprise!

CurlKit Promo Ends Tonight

Curlkit has a promo code that is ending tonight, June 7th!  You can take 25% off with the promo code Summer25. This is a little switch up from my normal video review posts. I want to keep you guys up to date on promo codes and deals happening in the subscription box world.

If you missed the review, check out the page here > Up Your Natural Curly Hairstyles Game review.

Or head straight to their Shop page > Shop Page

Curlkit promo code
Curlkit promo code

To find more subscription boxes for women head here: Subscription Boxes for Women

…and don’t forget the guys: Subscription Boxes for Men

Stitch Fix May 2016 Review

I hate shopping. I mention it in another post below that dressing rooms are my enemy.  Holding a purse in one hand and looking at clothes with the other makes me sweat.  So, I decided to channel my haterade towards something productive. Like ordering my first Stitch Fix.


Birchbox April 2016 Review

Love me some Birchbox samples.  Check out this personalized box from the beauty box originator.


Wantable Style Edit Review

If you hate the dressing rooms like I do, subscribe to Wantable.  They send you 5 pieces of clothing every month.  You pay for what you keep and return what you don’t want.  See my first style edit here and what I think of this personal styling service.


Boxycharm Subscription Box March 2016 Review

Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box delivers makeup samples to your door every month.  See why I like it here. Have you tried Boxycharm? What are your favorite features of this box? Would love to hear in the comments below!

If you’re ready to subscribe click here: Boxycharm Subscription Box




To find more subscription boxes for women head here: Subscription Boxes for Women

…and don’t forget the guys: Subscription Boxes for Men


Note: the affiliate link to Boxycharm will help me earn 500 ‘charms’ per referral.  I can then use those charms to buy goodies in their marketplace, unfortunately it will not have a makeup artist come to my door everyday to doll me up.


JackedPack May 2016 Review

JackedPack delivers supplements, protein powders and other pre and post workout formulas to your door.  Every month you can try out different brands, flavors and ingredients to see what works and what doesn’t.  Here is what I like and dislike about this box.



Up your Curly Hairstyles game with CurlKit

Thank god I was given curly hair instead of straight hair. I’m just way to low maintenance to blow dry and style my hair every day. My curly hairstyles are limited to air drying and keeping the emphasis on the curls.  Plus, they didn’t have dry shampoo for much of twenties.  Given I wear my hair natural every day, I’m always on a quest to find products and brands that give me frizz-free, shiny, well-defined curls.

In this video, I review CurlKit. It’s a monthly subscription box that sends brands and products specifically geared for curly hair.

If you’re ready to subscribe click here: CurlKit 10% Discount

To find more subscription boxes for women head here: Subscription Boxes for Women

…and don’t forget the guys: Subscription Boxes for Men

Note: the affiliate link to Curlkit is a discount into the curlkit shop.  So I can work on how flat my hair was in that video!

Ipsy March 2016 Review

Cute makeup bag? Fun/awesome brands? Necessary items to keep you looking Glam? Tutorials if you don’t know how to keep glam? Yes. To all of the above.


Barkbox Sherlock Bones Review

In this review, Teddie checks out the new Barkbox.  It’s Sherlock Bones theme and we don’t know who likes the box more – me or Teddie.


Beauty Heroes March 2016 Review

Love, love, love, love this subscription box. I was starting to research cleaner skincare products but I’ll just let the Beauty Heroes experts do the work for me 😉


Birchbox Man March 2016 Review

This is the box of smells. Great smelling deodorant, great smelling cologne, great smelling body washes and skincare and socks.  The socks are odorless but they’re cool too.


Birchbox March 2016 Review

In this video, Birchbox March is unboxed and reviewed.  There’s a portable crayon perfect for your bag, curly hair products (go natural hair!) and a lightweight sunscreen from a highly rated sunscreen brand.





Mantry March 2016 Review

In this review Gage and Teddie (Teddie is a girl despite the boy shirt) review Mantry.  I, as a girl but mostly a foodie, liked it too.  See what the non-foodie and the pup had to say about this bi-monthly box that makes your pantry manly again.


Glossybox March 2016 Review

Glossybox is a monthly subscription box that sends makeup samples, skincare samples, brushes and haircare products.  This is definitely in my top 3 favorite “glam bags.” See why here.



Get Happy Mail April Review

In this video I review the April edition of Get Happy Mail.  I think you can tell I like these cards from the amount of times I say adorable in the video. Stay stocked with notecards for all types of occasions like birthdays, special occasions, congratulatory wishes and more. Because generic drug store cards are boring.


Honest Beauty Review | Natural Skincare

In this review I test out the Honest Beauty skincare line.  Honest Beauty and Honest Company send you free trials of their clean makeup, natural skincare, personal care and household products before your subscription kicks in.

Check out this video to see what I thought of the cleansers and moisturizers.

If you’re ready to subscribe click here: Honest Beauty Bundles


To find more subscription boxes for women head here: Subscription Boxes for Women

…and don’t forget the guys: Subscription Boxes for Men

Note: the link to Honest Beauty is an affiliate link because I want to look pretty and fresh too 😉

Barkbox March 2016 Review

In this video Teddie unboxes the March 2016 Barkbox.  See what treats, toys and chews caught her eye. Hint: all of them.


Lola March 2016 Review

Lindsay reviews the Lola subscription box.  Lola delivers 100% cotton tampons with BPA-free applicators right to your door.  Choose your assortment (lights vs. regulars vs. supers) and your frequency and say bye-bye to running out for tampons.

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Bombfell December Review

Gage unveils his first outfit from Bombfell.  Click through to see what the Bombfell stylist picked for him.


Manpacks December Review

Gage reviews his first shipment from Manpacks.  Click to see if he’ll nix his normal Duane Reade trip.



Bespoke Post December Review

This month, Gage reviews the Jet Set box from Bespoke Post.  Click through to see what he thinks of the TSA-friendly, travel-themed box.


Fabletics November Outfit

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