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About Us

Our Story

We work, we travel, we live in NYC. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for to do lists.

We created because we found subscription boxes to be a fun and efficient way to make life easier. What we couldn’t find were helpful reviews by others that shared our lifestyle and saw subscription boxes as a solution.

We believe that subscription boxes are a natural fit for the jetsetter lifestyle. Once you believe in the subscription model, it’s about finding new boxes that solve different needs. So we created to help jetsetters / urban millennials / busy people (insert any name you want) find and compare new boxes.

Our Background

aboutGage went to Indiana, played lacrosse and started at Deutsche Bank M&A, where he learned to order everything online from his desk. He then went to private equity, where he learned about different business models and became a believer in subscriptions.

He saved up, left, took his lumps and ended up with two successful subscription services, and ConnectLAX is digital and ShirtCycle is a custom shirt subscription. Guys need shirts; ShirtCycle solves it by only sending shirts in a fit, fabric and style they want. He has spoken at conferences on “How to reinvent your business as a subscription” and presented ShirtCycle at Fashinvest, Strategyhack, etc…

Lindsay went to Michigan and travels as a healthcare consultant. She started [on hold], a health & travel blog that helps business travelers find healthy food options on the road. She loves returning home to boxes because it means more time with the world’s most awesome dog, Teddie.

We spend our summers getting out to the Long Island beaches and upstate lakes. In winter, we’re always trying fly to coup and land on Miami Beach.