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Discover subscription boxes that support your jetsetter lifestyle.

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We create personalized video reviews on subscription boxes that will make life easier.

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We focus on boxes that solve needs, not just wants. Weekends are for living, not shopping.

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We are a banker turned startup CEO and traveling consultant. We simplify life with boxes.

Frequent Questions

  • How do you pick which boxes to include?

    We only choose boxes that save you time and make your life easier. If a box doesn’t help your jetsetter lifestyle, we won’t review it.

  • How do I review my favorite boxes?

    Head over to the company page to review your favorite subscriptions. Rate the box based on quality, curation and service and leave a comment.  Find your favorite boxes via the men’s and women’s directories.

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    Sign up to receive exclusion promotions and to stay up to date on the latest subscription box reviews.

  • How do I get my box added to your directory?

    Great question! Apply by sending us message (box to the right). Don’t forget to include the box name, a brief description and a link to your site. We’ll take it from there!

  • How do I get my box reviewed by you?

    Another great question! Apply by sending us a message (to the right) and we’ll take it from there.

  • How do I manage my company page?

    Send us a message at right and we can get you started with a login to the brand dashboard.

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